Ana Gotter


Ana Gotter

Freelance writer and content marketer Ana Gotter was born in Orlando, Florida, USA. She currently lives in Connecticut, USA, with her husband and three dogs. She has over 6 years of experience in creating quality and effective content. In her writings, you can see topics such as personal loans, financial planning, business management, marketing, and others. She believes in the effective combination of storytelling, strategy, and research to create resources that drive real results. In addition to writing, Ana is a social media and content marketing specialist.

Higher education

In 2008, Ana Gotter entered Florida State University at the Creative Writing Faculty. She studied writing, business, and communications for four years. In 2012, she received her bachelor’s degree in writing. Studying at the university was an important step in which Ana chose her path in writing. She had a huge enthusiasm for writing, so immediately after graduation, she began freelancing in this field.

Getting Started Freelancing

After university, Ana Gotter took up freelance writing as a part-time job. In 2014, she switched to full-time freelancing. Since then, she has helped businesses and nonprofits of all scales from her home office. In 2015, Ana signed a contract with clients with whom she works to this day. During her practice, she has gained vast experience and many certifications in the field of marketing. This helps her understand the important relationship between business strategy, marketing strategy, and the content itself.

Experience as a Business Writer and Content Marketer

Ana Gotter’s writing experience includes dozens and hundreds of works in business, finance, advertising, and marketing. She is a regular contributor to sites like Shopify, Lending Tree, Wix, Oberlo, Zapier, Directive Consulting, Social Media Examiner, Disruptive Advertising, Healthline, Agorapulse, Snappa, SingleGrain, AdEspresso, and more. Ana writes for marketing agencies, credit and investment companies, and SaaS businesses. She actively offers clients content marketing and contextual advertising services.

Ana Gotter has been writing for AdEspresso for over three years and has hosted two webinars: “How to Use AdEspresso for Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns” and “How to Write High Converting Ad Copy for Facebook Ads.” In these webinars, Ana takes listeners step by step through the process of writing great Facebook ad copy, including strategies such as sales techniques and storytelling to help your ad stand out.

Current activities

Ana Gotter is currently a High Converting Strategic Content Marketer and PPC Copywriter. Her range of services includes:

  • Content marketer. Anna provides expert content marketing services for businesses, including crisp web copy, newsletters, email campaigns, and other marketing materials. In addition, she provides customized content strategies that help clients achieve business goals.
  • PPC copywriter. Ana Gotter helps clients’ businesses to establish themselves in a unique position compared to their competitors, giving them an advantage in increasing traffic and interest in services and products. She helps create advertisements that maximize ROI and keep the brand in the spotlight.
  • Ghostwriter. Anna provides expert ghostwriting for businesses and individuals. She turns clients’ ideas into professional articles or blogs for the company on behalf of the client.

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