Angela Mae Watson


Angela Mae Watson

Position: Personal Finance Writer; B2B & B2C Copywriter

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Education: Saint Martin’s University

  • Almost a decade of experience in copywriting for multimedia agencies, online publications, fintech agencies, personal finance businesses, SaaS companies, etc.
  • Personal finance content writer with a focus on consumer finance, fintech, investing and savings, finance management, and more.
  • Graduated with honors and received Bachelor’s degree in English.

Angela Mae Watson works as a freelance copywriter with a special interest and experience in the sphere of personal finance. The areas of expertise include saving and investing, health finance, consumer finance, fintech, and more. Angela Mae Watson is a self-employed content writer at her own company Integral Copy. In addition, she works with a wide range of startup companies, personal finance brands, online publication platforms, SaaS businesses, etc. Here are some of the services Angela Mae Watson can offer:

  • Copywriting and editing;
  • SEO writing (meta tags, keywords, researching competition, etc.);
  • B2B and B2C writing;
  • Crafting content strategies;
  • Social media posts and articles;
  • Project management, and more.

With Bachelor’s degree in English that Angela Mae Watson received at Saint Martin’s University in 2009, her articles and other texts are always meticulously written and achieve a range of goals. For this copywriter, it is crucial to deliver comprehensive and reliable posts and articles that will help readers with reaching financial stability and independence. In addition, these texts provide valuable information about retirement planning, making credit decisions, and managing debts.

Angela Mae Watson worked as a Language & Cultural Specialist at the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport in Cádiz, Spain. After that, she worked as a Travel Writer at Terracotta Travel. Angela Mae Watson currently works as a freelance copywriter and collaborates with various companies, such as Debthammer, Credit Summit, GoodRx, Credit Karma, Western Alliance Bank, Nexstar, Keep Financials, and others.

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