Ashley Kilroy


Ashley Kilroy

Vim & Verve, a content and web creation agency, has been operating in the writing services market for over 7 years. Its mastermind and director is Ashley Kilroy. With a delightful blend of extensive expertise and rich creativity, she produces content that is published in such world-famous magazines and platforms as Forbes, Rolling Stone, YahooFinance, MSNBC, and others.

Main Mission of Ashley Kilroy

Ashley received her Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) from the University of Cincinnati in 2013, after which she worked as a financial specialist and then focused on creating analytical content for business and finance. Her mission is to produce content about the companies she partners with, which is so engaging that they can easily generate leads and maximize profits.

In her articles, Ashley teaches how to manage both personal finances and company resources in the most efficient way. And among her clients are both the younger generation of inexperienced businessmen and investors and the world-famous personalities included in the Fortune 500.

Ashley writes on the hottest topics that affect millions of people around the world:

  • Retirement
  • Personal and business finance
  • Insurance, etc.

Professional Career of Ashley Kilroy

Ashley is a multi-talented person, which is why her copywriting agency provides her clients with comprehensive services. But before creating it in 2018, Ashley worked for more than 5 years in various agencies, where she improved her skills and got inspiring ideas that she later began to implement with such success:

  • 2013 — Research Analyst at Quansoo Capital Management LLC. Already in her first job, Ashley began to analyze investment options for customers and create for them investment proposals. Also, she was responsible for market research and analysis of various investment trends.
  • 2013 — Finance Intern at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Experience as a financial intern allowed her to gain skills in managing personal accounts, keeping financial records and monitoring contributions from sponsors.
  • 2014/2016 — Investment Service Coordinator at Matson Money. In charge of investments, Ashley has handled client account issues, organized training programs for advisors, analyzed clients’ investments, and much more.
  • 2016/2017 — Marketing Communications Specialist at VolunteerHub. Gradually, Ashley’s interests are shifting toward marketing and creating original content. Researching SEO trends, copywriting, editing, and other content production tasks are firmly rooted in Ashley’s life.
  • 2017/2018 — Working as a Marketing Communications Specialist at Simply Money Advisor allowed her to develop interpersonal skills and improve her writing talent.

Having undergone such an evolution in her life path, Ashley decides to become an independent freelancer and focus on working with content. The rightness of this decision is evidenced by numerous publications in such world-famous magazines and platforms as:

  • Forbes Advisor
  • Nasdaq
  • Wealth of Geeks
  • Billings Gazette
  • SmartAsset
  • TimesDaily, and dozens of others

And finally, in 2018, her Vim & Verve copywriting agency appears, which offers services not only for creating high-quality content but also for developing websites, conducting email campaigns, creating blogs, etc.

By her personal example, Ashley has shown that she can not only advise her clients on profitable investments but also independently implement ambitious projects. Therefore, her articles can be trusted as products certified by life itself.

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