Christopher Murray


Christopher Murray

Position: Freelance Writer and Editor

Location: Augusta, Maine

Education: Smith College

  • Has been working as a freelance writer and editor for more than 6 years now and collaborated with a dozen of well-known financial publications.
  • Started as a staff writer at a small financial blog and worked his way up to Senior Editor while the blog has grown to be a respectable and popular publication.
  • Creates a wide range of content and writes articles and posts for the LGBTQIA+ community specifically to promote financial literacy in the community.

Christopher Murray is an experienced finance writer and editor that works as a freelancer. He started writing articles and blog posts on finance in 2016 after graduating from college. Apart from all things finance, Christopher Murray writes on more specific topics, such as sustainability. His works cover the ways sustainability can influence and improve financial and environmental health altogether. All of his texts and other works are created through the sustainability lens and include information on how saving money can be sustainable and impactful.

While personal finance is the main focus when Christopher Murray writes his posts and articles, he also enjoys covering topics like medicine, health, marijuana, real estate, and AI technology. This is why he works not only with personal finance blogs but also with medical publications and blogs about renting and owning real estate.

During his career, Christopher Murray has worked with a wide range of renowned publications, such as MoneyGeek, Investor Junkie, Money Under 30, Bankrate, FinanceBuzz, Credible, U.S. News & World Report, MoneyWise, and others. Over the years, he has occupied the following positions: Personal Finance Writer, Senior Editor & Staff Writer, Digital Marketing Manager, Editor in Chief, Research and writing assistant, etc.

Christopher Murray studies at Smith College from 2012 to 2016 and received two Bachelor’s degrees there. He received BA’s in English Language and Literature and Women and Gender Studies. This education has sparked Christopher’s interest in writing, which is why he decided to dedicate his career to creating engaging articles and texts for blogs and other platforms.

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