Femi Lewis


Femi Lewis

Femi Lewis’ client portfolio ranges from start-ups that are just beginning to conquer their target audience, to already well-established businesses that aim to improve interaction with their customers. With deep expertise in insurance and personal finance matters, as well as an excellent writing style, Femi creates high-quality content that is easily understood by any audience. Among the platforms for which she writes articles are such well-known financial analytical websites as Investopedia, The Balance, ConsumerAffairs, Reviews.com, and others.

Femi Lewis’ Field of Expertise

Femi Lewis is one of those authors who build their competencies from a multidisciplinary search for knowledge. Trained in philology, foreign languages, business, and management, Femi is able to join diverse ideas and get inspiration from multiple sources. An important factor in her success is her knowledge of several languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


  • 2006/2011 — B.A. French, Minor in Spanish and Secondary Education (CUNY, Queens College)
  • 2013 — Certificate in Project Management (New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies)
  • 2012/2016 — MA, Master of Arts in French Language and Literature (CUNY, Queens College)


Over the years of her professional career, Femi Lewis has mastered the skills of not only masterful writing and editing texts but also building a content strategy, SEO optimization of texts, promoting content in the digital space, etc. She has such important competencies for a modern writer as:

  • Website Coordination
  • Project Management
  • System Administration
  • Flat Image Design
  • Team Building

By advising in her articles on both personal and business finance, Femi Lewis has developed a wide range of expertise. Her publications focus on clarifying insurance  and finance topics, including:

  • Budgeting
  • Retirement
  • Home and Auto Insurance
  • Savings
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance for Businesses

Femi Lewis’ Professional Career

Femi Lewis began specializing in personal finance in 2018. Since that, she has written hundreds of detailed reviews of insurance products that a modern market offers for both personal and business needs. Her unbiased and objective assessment allows readers to easily navigate among the many insurance offers, selecting those that will most closely match their needs.

Also, Femi Lewis creates financial content for the websites of various companies such as Wave Financial and The Simple Dollar. Other platforms with which Femi Lewis is currently actively collaborating include such well-known websites as

  • ConsumerAffairs (since 2018)
  • 33social (since 2018)
  • ClearVoice (since 2019)
  • The Balance (since 2020)
  • GoodRx (since 2021)
  • Props (since 2021)
  • Hourly (since 2021)

For over 5 years, Femi Lewis has been the CEO of her own company, Crafty Writing, which provides writing services to individual and corporate clients, including start-ups and B2C businesses. She not only writes articles or supports blogs for her customers but also develops a content strategy and performs SEO optimization, making it easy to succeed in the digital environment.

With an excellent knowledge of digital marketing and a fundamental language and philology education, Femi Lewis creates unique content that explains difficult things in simple terms for consumers and makes companies more visible and attractive to their target audiences.

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