Jacqueline DeMarco


Jacqueline DeMarco

Freelance writer and editor Jacqueline DeMarco was born in Southern California. She has written on various topics, such as pet and life insurance, banking, budgeting, investing, etc. But most of the work in her career she devoted to financial topics. Her love of writing has led her to a brilliant career through which people from all over the world can learn about the financial industry.

Interests and Beginning of a Career

While studying at college, Jacqueline DeMarco wanted to graduate with a degree in journalism and build a career in writing. It started when she was doing an internship at a retirement plan consulting firm and was assigned to prepare a presentation on the importance of financial wellness. Through her research, Jacqueline realized how money can affect people’s health, relationships, and careers. Since then, she decided to dedicate herself to writing on such an important topic as financial education.

Higher Education

Jacqueline DeMarco graduated from the University of California, Irvine (UCI) with a Bachelor’s degree in literary journalism and digital art. At this faculty, the girl studied and wrote non-fiction prose that went beyond everyday journalism and news writing. She took reporting classes where she wrote newspaper-style articles and learned how to create compelling storytelling with lots of words. In addition, she studied a variety of subjects and styles, including articles, essays, fashion and travel stories, profiles, and narratives.

While educated at UCI, Jacqueline shaped her attitude toward literature and writing in general. She studied with top reporters and writers such as Barry Siegel, Amy Wilentz, Miles Corwin, and Amy DePaul. Thus, after completing her studies, her writing, skills, as well as critical thinking, improved greatly. She learned how to write engaging content and started her illustrious career.

Work experience in writing

For more than eight years, Jacqueline DeMarco has been working in the field of writing. In addition to her main and favorite topics of finance, she does not limit herself to the areas of beauty, fashion, travel, health, small business, and others. But nevertheless, financial education remains a major focus of her research and work. She engages readers in the topics of insurance, banking, investing, and taxes to give a complete understanding of complex topics and issues.

During her writing career, Jacqueline DeMarco has written for numerous publications and brands on a wide variety of topics. She has worked for over a dozen financial publications, including LendingTree, Credit Karma, Fundera, MagnifyMoney, Student Loan Hero, and Northwestern Mutual. When she is not writing articles, she works with consumer brands like Gorjana, Voluspa, Underclub, The Well, and St. John to tell their brand stories.

Current activities

At this point in her career, Jacqueline DeMarco continues to write reports, news, promotional materials, educational articles, etc. as well as blogging. The girl actively provides digital marketing services. She assists in creating content for social media or email, as well as putting the client’s marketing calendar into top-notch shape to increase sales or attract new audiences. In addition, Jacqueline is actively involved in branding and consulting, helping companies with major editorial, marketing, and branding projects.

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