Jeff White


Jeff White

Jeff White is one of those authors whose path to a writing career was met not with the approval of others but with their desire to dissuade him from doing what he loves. However, in addition to talent and a real passion for the word, he has great perseverance. Therefore, in a decade of following his dream, he has more than 1.5 thousand published articles, more than 225 million of their views, and more than $130 million in earned money.


Jeff White currently holds the position of CMO/CCO (Head of Marketing & Content Operations) in a marketing company. Fundamental education in business, marketing, and law gives him extensive knowledge that allows coping with any task.

  • BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing (Baker College)
  • Business Administration and Management (Utah Valley University)
  • MBA, Master of Business Administration, Business Administration and Management, Health Care Management (Baker College)
  • Law (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)
  • JD, Juris Doctor, Law (Concord Law School at Purdue University Global)

Working Experience

In his career, Jeff White not only wrote articles about business and finance but also put his knowledge into practice, helping various companies improve their position in the market and reach new levels of earnings. One of his notable accomplishments is helping a healthcare startup reach a $1 billion+ earnings level.

Jeff also initiated the creation of his own business, through which he helps other companies master the principles of expansion and growth. The list of industries that Jeff White has contributed to is quite extensive. They include trucking, financial software, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, and much more.

In addition to working with private equity in a variety of industries, Jeff White has been active in sharing his knowledge with college and university students across the country. He has taught courses at educational institutions of various levels of accreditation in entrepreneurship, business finance and development, business operations, and more.

However, the main passion of his life is writing and journalism. He creates captivating and deeply analytical content that increases business sales and educates investors on the benefits of different investment products, lending products, etc. Also, he is open to teaching others how to bring ideas to different audiences in the most efficient and engaging way.

Themes of Jeff White’s Works

With over 1,500 articles by Jeff White, there is room for all sorts of topics, including those that go beyond business or finance. However, the following subject areas became the central ones in his writing career:

  • Business operations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Commercial lending
  • Personal finance
  • Business finance

The list of platforms where you can find Jeff’s work is very extensive:

  • Associated Press
  • Reuters
  • Forbes
  • The Balance
  • The Week
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • U.S. News
  • Investopedia
  • Nasdaq
  • The Street
  • Seeking Alpha, and many more

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