Kiara Taylor


Kiara Taylor

Financial analyst and writer Kiara Taylor lives and works in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She has devoted her life and career to financial technologies known as Fintech. Kiara is convinced that these technologies help financial services and companies manage the financial aspects of their businesses and increase the availability of financial products and services that were previously inaccessible to many.

Education and Career Beginnings

Kiara Taylor graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Faculty of Business, Major in Finance. When she received her Bachelor’s degree, she began working as an equity analyst at Fifth Third Bank, where she analyzed market risks. After her first work experience, Kiara took the same position at JP Morgan and researched stocks in the Chinese market.

Kiara Taylor received her Master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati, Faculty of Business, Major in Business Administration in Finance and Financial Management Services. During her studies, Kiara began working at CitiGroup and held the position of Emerging Markets Strategist. Her range of responsibilities included dealing with sovereign debts of developed markets.

Current Working Activity

Since 2017, Kiara Taylor has been working as a compliance manager at Digital Currency Group. In this position, she analyzes data on the objects of transactions, assesses corruption risks, and participates in the development and implementation of a strategy in the field of compliance control. In addition, she advocates decentralized finance. Kiara supports the idea of DeFi and the possibility of excluding financial organizations from financial transactions, so the client gets access to services without the participation of intermediaries such as banks, brokers, etc.

Mrs. Taylor is a member of The Balance. The organization helps simplify financial management by providing information so that users can earn more, spend smarter, invest right, and build a safer future. As a financial expert, Kiara is a supporter of such trends and supports the ideas of the organization.

Working for a Charity

Kiara Taylor is a volunteer with the non-profit organization Wall Street Bound. Working as a volunteer in a charitable organization, she helps students become financial leaders. As a financial educator, Kiara teaches young people technical skills in finance for their future careers and economic development in the world.

Freelance Work

Kiara Taylor is a freelance copywriter specializing in finance. Her vast experience and expertise in the financial industry have led her to become a writer and help people become more knowledgeable in the field. She has experience in Fintech Copywriting, Data Centric Copy, B2B Technical Writing, and Crypto Writing. Among her works, you can find interesting articles on the topics: “Embracing Technology for Competitive Advantage,” “How Advanced Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning Empower Decision-Makers,” “How to Cope with Financial Stress,” etc.

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