Lauren Haas


Lauren Haas

Position: Content Writer

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Education: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Southwestern Illinois College

  • Writes articles and curates blog posts on consulting, non-profit and charity organizations, tourism and traveling, etc.
  • Volunteers and creates content for a range of non-profits, along with working as a chairman and a founder of two charitable organizations.
  • Has personal profound experience in all areas she writes about.

Lauren Haas is a small business owner, nomadic traveler, content writer, fitness and yoga instructor, social worker, and more. All this experience and education in various areas help Lauren Haas with writing comprehensive and engaging articles for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and people that need consulting.

When it comes to education, Lauren Haas has official certifications in different areas as well. They include Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) in Psychology and Business at Southwestern Illinois College, as well as education in Exercise & Wellness at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. This writer also owns various certifications in fitness and yoga offered by American Council on Exercise and Yandara Yoga Institute.

Lauren Haas owns a small business, which allows her to better understand corporate needs for properly curated, readable, and engaging online content. Here are some goals that Lauren Haas achieves when writing articles and posts for small businesses:

  • Creating useful content that will improve readers’ lives;
  • Thorough and well-crafted blog posts submitted before the deadline;
  • Working on SEO strategies and content that will generate organic traffic and attract interested readers;
  • Accessible content with great readability and substantial informativity.

Lauren Haas works as a freelance content writer and collaborates with companies and publications as well. Some of the regular clients are The Simple Dollar, CBS Local: St. Louis, Constant Contact, Gulfshore Business Magazine, Hotel Planner, and more.

Apart from writing full articles, Lauren Haas offers SEO services and creates engaging content for social media accounts. Crafting content for social media platforms requires expertise if you want to drive in organic traffic and expand the client base. Lauren Haas studies various information about the company across a variety of platforms to have a better understanding of the business and come up with a unique and efficient social media campaign.