Miranda Marquit


Miranda Marquit

Freelance financial writer and money expert Miranda Marquit grew up and lives in Idaho-Falls, Idaho, USA, and graduated from Skyline High School. She has been involved in personal finance, investments, and business for almost 15 years. In her writing, she covers topics such as politics, science, law, personal finance, long-term financial planning, start-up investing, retirement planning, behavioral economics, entrepreneurship, and running a home business. In addition to writing, Miranda is a podcaster, website owner, and business owner, as well as coaching for little money.

Higher education

Miranda Marquit graduated from the University of Southern Utah in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications (major in Political Science). Here she had the opportunity to apply the principles and theories of human communication and the media in situations simulating the professional world.

She graduated from Syracuse University in 2005 with a Master’s degree in journalism. Here, she completed a broadcasting and digital journalism program that gave her access to the technology, ideas, and skills needed to fulfill one of the most important roles in today’s society: a free press.

In 2020, Miranda graduated from the University of Utah with a Master of Business Administration degree where she learned fundamental business skills and took her career to the next level. She learned valuable business concepts and skills and saw firsthand what it takes to “succeed” in today’s corporate world.

Personal Finance Experience

Miranda Marquit began writing about finance in 2006 when she was asked to write a corporate blog. Throughout her years of experience, Miranda has worked as a writer and pundit for various media including Forbes, NPR, Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, CNBC, FOX Business, HuffPost, and more. Exploring financial topics as a financial writer and being able to learn from experts has allowed Miranda to start managing her finances. She soon began teaching other people about various financial subjects, giving masterclasses and giving seminars about money and investing.

Activities as a Speaker

Miranda Marquit is a speaker, educator, panelist, and podcaster. There are many topics she can bring up in her discussions:

  • Financial priorities. Miranda talks about how to identify your money values and use them to set financial priorities.
  • Investment. Miranda gives seminars on how to start investing and how to put your money to work helping you reach your long- and short-term goals.
  • Crypto assets. Miranda has been covering blockchain technology since 2011 and has owned Bitcoin ever since. She can talk about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, and the potential for the next evolution of the digital world.
  • Divorce navigation. Miranda teaches how to handle finances after a divorce, including what you need to know about financial arrangements with a former partner, etc.

Political activity

Miranda Marquit spent more than three years as chairman of the Democratic Central Committee of Bonneville County in southeastern Idaho, where she worked with politicians of all political stripes. She promoted such an important initiative as the opening of a community college in the area. Miranda has served on several mayoral committees and has been active in politics.

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