Moriah Joy Chace


Moriah Joy Chace

Queer personal finance writer Moriah Joy Chace was born in Heraklion, Shenyang, China. She loves to write about things that help low-income or early-career people, including real estate, budgeting, queer finance, investing, banking and credit. She is a financial coach who has helped many people get their financial lives in order. Moriah helps young professionals take control of their money and figure out how to launch meaningful careers. She is a source of information for young professionals who are trying to figure out how to become adults.

Higher education

At the age of 16, Moriah Joy Chace left home to attend the university of her dreams. At such a young age, she knew that a solid understanding of personal finance was critical to achieving. She graduated from William Jessup University with a Bachelor’s degree in English — Professional Writing. There, she studied communications and generally became interested in the world of personal finance. At university, she had the opportunity to demonstrate content acquisition in four English-language areas of literature and textual analysis:

  • Language, linguistics, and literacy;
  • Composition and rhetoric;
  • Communications and speech;
  • Media and creative performance.

Writing experience

Moriah Joy Chace started writing about personal finance right out of college. She is the founder of an award-winning blog that has helped young professionals find their financial footing. In addition, her publications can be found on Insider, BuzzFeed, Investopedia, Bankrate, CNBC, and The Motley Fool. She loves writing about credit cards and recommends using them to jump-start your financial life, but only if you use them responsibly. Among her writings can be seen:

  • Articles on loans and credit cards: “5 Things You May Not Know About the CareCredit Card” for GoBankingRates, “How to Use Debt Consolidation to Boost Credit Scores” for Tradeline Supply, etc.
  • Personal finance articles: “Reasons To Consolidate Retirement Accounts” for Investopedia, “Four Best First Money Habits to Master” for Tradeline Supply, etc.
  • Career and mindset articles: “How to Get Started Freelance Writing” for I like to dabble, “Quiet Quitting Might Be A Hot Trend, But It’s Actually Leaving A Lot Of People Out. Here’s What We Can Do Instead” for BuzzFeed, etc.
  • Articles on Queer Finance: “The Cost of Being Queer” for Tradeline Supply, etc.

Current Activities and Services

Moriah Joy Chace is currently the editor-in-chief of Poorer Than You’s Making Do with Stephanie Kibler. In addition, she edits full-length novels for teenagers. Her work includes interview writing, financial articles, ghostwriting, editing, and proofreading. Services that Moria provides:

  • Brand content strategy and creation;
  • Social Media Strategy;
  • Meetings to discuss brand needs and goals;
  • Blogging;
  • Maintaining social networks.

Coaching Activities

Moriah Joy Chace is a financial coach with many years of experience and many satisfied clients. She helps her clients break limiting money beliefs and turns money into a tool to achieve their dreams. The training that Moria offers lasts 8 weeks during which she conducts four sessions dedicated to the specific financial needs and beliefs of the client.

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