Sarah Sharkey


Sarah Sharkey

Personal finance writer Sarah Sharkey lives and works in Florida, USA. She has devoted her career to writing and works as a content writer, content creator, and content strategist. Her passion for personal finance has helped not only in her life but also in the lives of her readers. In her works, the girl writes information that helps people better manage their money and change their financial future. When Sarah is not busy with her writing, she loves to travel and read.

Creating a Personal Finance and Travel Blog

While Sarah Sharkey studied in college, she became the founder of Adventurous Adulting. This is her personal blog that she dedicated to personal finance and travel. Here, Sarah helps readers manage their money and develop the skills to effectively manage their financial responsibilities while saving money for travel. She didn’t want to give up her love of visiting new places just to save money. Instead, the girl was looking for ways to make financial plans that would really match her goals.

Over time, Sarah Sharkey realized that good money-handling skills helped her in the realization of her travels. So, she started her blog and built an online freelance personal finance writer business to share her skills with others. There are some topics about personal finance that the girl touches on in her writings: loans, investing, savings, retirement, insurance, mortgages, and more.

Beginnings in freelance writing

Sarah Sharkey’s career began as a freelance writer. The girl was very fond of reading and stumbled upon a part-time job where she had to write about the conservation of the ocean. So, she decided to try herself in writing. After Sarah wrote her first paid job, she realized that writing would be part of her life. At first, freelance work only allowed the girl to cover her minimum living expenses. Later, armed with the information from the book “Earn More Writing,” Sarah began to look for new potential clients. Thus, she began to earn well and completely control her schedule.

Copywriting education

Sarah Sharkey writes accessible, unique, useful, and engaging writing. All this is due to her vast life experience, success, and choice of useful topics for the audience. She first learned how to write concise and effective content in a course from professional blogger and columnist Holly Johnson’s “Earn More Writing.” Two years after the course, Sarah had built her freelance business to the point where she was earning around $6,000 a month. To further develop and succeed in her writing career, Sarah Sharkey took the following course from Holly Johnson “Earn More Writing PRO,” and by 2020, she was regularly earning about $8,000 a month as a freelance writer.

Current activities

At the moment, writing is the main source of income for Sarah Sharkey, and her career is built on this. She continues to blog about personal finance as she has the goal of helping others make more money and travel the world without financial hardship. Currently, she has opened an Etsy store and is gradually filling it with printed materials.

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